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Verified Purchase

This product is really cool! I leave it by the front door so I can use it when I come home. Easy to use and dries quickly in my hands.

Daniel U.
Portland, OR

Verified Purchase

Sleek modern look with classic hands-free safety design. Perfect for office, home, or on the go.

Jane R.
San Fransisco, CA

Verified Purchase

Easy to use, not messy, and very convenient. I like the white design as it doesn’t stand out too much . I placed mine in high traffic areas.

Tristan H.
Boston, MA


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Question: How do I add alcohol to the device??

Press both sides of the bottom case for removal. Unscrew the bottle and take out the sponge stick. Pour 75% alcohol in the reservoir, but don’t fill completely. Put the sponge stick back in, tighten the bottle, and install the bottom case. You’re ready to sanitize!

Question: Is this unit rechargeable?

Yes! Your Two Hands device can be conveniently charged via the included USB Type-C cable.

Question: Can the unit be used while it’s charging?

Yes! Two Hands supports working while charging and it takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the device.

Question: Won’t it leak alcohol all over the place if I put it in my purse or backpack?

Not at all! Two Hands is designed to be leakproof, so don’t worry. Throw it in your bag or purse. It’s perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

Question: How do I use the device to sanitize my hands or different objects?

1. Short press power button once and the product will start.
2. Place your hand (or object) a few inches above the device and it will automatically spray sanitizer.
3. Short press power button twice to turn off the device. If it is not used for 24hrs, the device will automatically power off.